ASHBURTON is a company registered in Spain. It offers representing, consulting and procurement services for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Electrical Industries, at competitive prices, guaranteeing satisfaction and post-sales support, and fulfilling all contractual obligations with our clients.


The company specializes in the procurement of materials and process equipment for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Electric Industries. ASHBURTON is particularly effective in supporting its clients in urgent and emergency situations.

We have a large net of international manufacturing allies that allow us to offer materials, equipment and services, to be delivered in a short period of time, especially, when required for urgencies and emergencies.

Ashburton is more than a supplier. We consider ourselves a client´s ally.



  • Distillation fractioning columns and trays
  • High and medium pressure vessels fabricated in carbon steel and alloys
  • Low temperature vessels and storage tanks for cryogenic plants
  • Two and three phase mechanical hydrocarbon separators
  • Electrostatic hydrocarbon separators and desalters
  • Fin Fan Coolers, FFC
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Direct Fired Process Heaters
  • Flares
  • Pyrotubular Steam Generators
  • Production Gas Treatment Plants.
  • Reciprocating skid mounted compression plants
  • Calderas Pirotubulares.
  • Calentadores de Crudo.
  • Condensadores de Vapor.
  • Deshidratadoras de Gas por Glycol.
  • Desnatadoras de Crudo y
  • Barreras de Contención.
  • Enfriadores por Aire (FFC)
  • Tuberas Aleteadas, Cajas
  • Reductoras,
  • Ventiladores para
  • Enfriadores de Aire (FFC).
  • Estructuras de Acero.
  • Generadores de vapor para inyección a pozos.
  • Hornos de Proceso.
  • Tuberas de aleaciones especiales (Cr y Mo).
  • Incineradores.
  • Catalizadores y qumicos de procesos.
  • Bandejas fraccionadoras para columnas(Trays).
  • Intercambiadores de Calor de Carcaza y Tubos.
  • Haces tubulares para intercambiadores de calor.
  • Mechurrios de Gas.
  • Monoboyas.
  • Motocompresores a Gas Reciprocantes.
  • Plantas Deshidratadoras de Crudo.
  • Plantas Criognicas.
  • Plantas de Control de Punto de Roco.
  • Plantas de Deshidratacin de Gas.
  • Plantas de Endulzamiento de Gas (Sweatining Gas Plants).
  • Plantas de Extraccion de Liquidos (NGL Extraction Plantas).
  • Plantas de generacin diesel.
  • Plantas de Tratamiento de Gas Combustible.
  • Plantas de Tratamiento y Extraccin de CO2.
  • Plantas Desalinadoras de Crudo.
  • Plantas Turbocompresores.
    Reactores y Recipientes de alto espesor.
  • Reformadores.
  • Separadores Bifsicos y Trifsicos Mecnicos.
  • Spools de Tubera.
  • Tanques Criognicos.
  • Torres de Enfriamiento de Agua de Circulacin.
  • Partes y piezas de todos los equipos sealados anteriormente.

Consulting services

We offer to assist our clients in the following areas:


Setting up and coordinating meetings with final clients. Assessment for establishing associations and partnership with local companies. Assessment for bidding processes. Assessment for establishing associations and partnership with local companies. Assessment for bidding processes. Client´s representation with public national, regional, municipal and private institutions.


Vendor’s support in selecting local subcontractors, such as engineering, civil and electromechanical subcontractors, and local material suppliers. Assisting vendors during erection, testing, commissioning and start up. Assistance in domestic transportation subcontracting: land, sea, and river. Vendor’s assistance on labor issues.


Local support for domestic purchasing. Support for local leasing. Local transportation. - Expats logistics.


Assessment for selecting domestic legal advisors on bidding process evaluations and contract negotiations. Support Vendors providing legal advisors on bidding processes and contracts. Assessment on applicable laws and regulations.